Is the Second Round to Early for Kerryon?

Hey guys,

I’m in a 2 keeper 0.5 ppr 10 team redraft league. Currently I’m drafting from the 6 spot and my two keepers are Chubb and Thielen. I was thinking I would be able to grab Devante Adams in the first round but don’t know what to think about my second. With the keepers all out Kerryons current ADP in my league would be the 3.01. should I reach for Kerryon? The other players available by ADP would be Kelce, Antonio Brown, Mike Evans, Melvin, and Keenan Allen.

I know things can all change come draft day but was just trying to plan a little in the future


I would likely draft Kelce over KJ. Maybe Evans. But KJ over the rest for sure.

In the mocks I’ve done in redraft league I’ve been getting Johnson late 3rd early 4th. So for 2 keeper league 2nd round sounds right. And no riddick? You may not even get him in 2nd round of keeper league.