Is theo riddick droppable?

I’m in a 12 man ppr league and I can’t see myself ever playing him, and I would be happy to see my opponent play him. Thoughts?

Whose available on waivers that you would consider picking up and what is your roster like?

Available on waivers: Mike Williams (LAC), Marlon Mack, Corey Davis (probably pick up next week).

My team:

Qb: Carson palmer (dropping after this week), Dak prescott
Rb: Levbell, Martin, mccoy, mixon, javorius allen, matt breida, riddick, mcfadden
We: michael thomas, davante adams, john brown
Te: ertz

As you can see im looking into stash plays, and I would love to at least acquire mike williams before sunday. If no news come from zeke, i may just drop mcfadden.

But do I really need riddick moving forward?

Since its ppr and such a deep league, try to trade him for WR depth. You obviously aren’t gonna play him over any of the RBs you have now, and in a 12 ppr he can still be valuable to someone. Maybe willie snead or T Pryor or even cooper

Yeah unfortunately absolutely no one wants him. I may hold another week but not aftee his bye.

I think I’m gonna drop him. Does anyone object?

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Marlon Mack would be a good stash. Gallman too.