Is there a fantasy app that does this?

14 team league
H2H matchups each week.
2 earned points for win, 1 for tie, 0 for loss
2 earned points top half point leaders per week, 0 for bottom half

Teams get ranked based on earned points (kind of how the NHL ranks teams)

the purpose is to reward teams for winning their matchup, but also reward teams that have a great week but just pulled a bad matchup.

ie. second highest scorer that week just happens to play the highest scorer. still accumulates 2 points for the week

If you both win your matchup and scored in the top half that week, you earn 4 points that week.

Sleeper doesn’t do this to the exact way you want it, but they do the extra game median. Meaning you can get 2 wins for matchup and finishing in top half of points, or you can 1-1 for winning and finishing below.