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Is There A Good Trade Here?


I’ve started my season 3-0. Pretty good. Honestly, I’m surprised this has happened. I’ve made some poor lineup decisions but some how pulled it all off. Anyways, I’m lacking at a few spots on my roster but i’m unsure if i should make a trade. I’ve got another owner who is interested in Gronk, but i’m not sure if there is a fair trade that helps me without totally hurting me. Below is my team and his team. Help me to propose a trade? Or tell me if I should just hold onto my pieces for the time being.

QB: Dalton/Newton
RB: McCaffrey/Cohen/Crowell/Kelley
WR: Brown/Diggs/R. Matthews/JJ Nelson/Crowder/Jaron Brown
TE: Gronk
D/ST: Carolina
K: Succop

QB: Rivers/Luck
RB: Hyde/Anderson/Gore/Perkins/Rodgers
WR: OBJ/Baldwin/Bryant/Pryor
TE: Reed/James
D/ST: Giants
K: Boswell


I dont think you need to make any trade here at all… I would stand pat on this one… Your team wont be getting a very big upgrade with any of his players… maybe hyde but i would rather Keep Gronk with how thin the TE position is this year… I say keep what you got


I agree. Hyde and Gronk are both injury risks. I’d rather have that guy at TE where he can be replaced. You can mix and match your RBs week to week, especially if Crow rises from the dead.


I think you need an upgrade in RBs but I would target another team to trade with cause his RBs are not worth it. Look for the David Johnson Owner and try to get him and a startable RB also.(Only will work if he is deep at RB)