Is there anything on this guy's team I should offer Jordan Howard for? (pic included)

Dude told me to name my price for Howard straight up. What should I ask for?

My team is the one at the bottom


Ehhh out of that if you were hell bent on making the trade my proposition would be ertz Fitzgerald and Smallwood for Howard and Ebron. This does strengthen your TE your WR and gives you some RB depth when Smallwood comes back from injury but you are losing your best RB. If you were for certain making the trade I think that’s the one that gives you most value, unless you swap Fitz and Diggs but that’s your call. Just my opinion

I’m 1-4 trying to claw my way back haha. Thanks for the input my man. I’d honestly take engram too

Maybe include Cooper too he’s a great buy low candidate

Yeah of course man and I feel your pain. I’m 2-3 and have scored the most points in my league lol but have also the most points scored against me. Rough season so far but holding steady. I made a trade today if you wouldn’t mind letting me know how oh think I did. I traded Baldwin and Kamara (pre Peterson trade :pensive:) for ty Montgomery. What do you think? Those guys were bench guys as I have Mike Evans, Julio, Kareem Hunt, and Lev bell all locked in as starters. Just taking the chance that I could use Montgomery in the flex if he returns to his top 10 form pre injury. Thanks for any and all input

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That’s a solid trade, When TyMont comes back he’ll take his job back

That’s what I’m hoping for. Im 6th on waivers (out of 10) hoping to land aaron Jones with my first claim just as an insurance policy for ty mont. also definitely include Ertz in your trade… he is a monster. Im a huge Eagles fan and watch their games religiously. Ertz has been solid for years but this year he’s really bringing more consistency to the table. Gets about 10 targets a game and almost 90 yards or a TD is guaranteed