Is there something I'm missing with Chris Thompson?

With Rob Kelly looking to be out this week and a good matchup at home against the 49ers I would think that I’d hear more about Chris Thompson. But I really haven’t seen much about the Redskins backfield at all aside from Rob Kelly news and he doesn’t seem to be ranked that high at all. All the parts look to be there for at least a decent game.

His first 3 weeks were somewhat of an anomaly. He just had alot of points a very few touches and that’s never ever been a good recipe for a fantasy player. Similar to Will Fuller, 4 TDs on 6 touches is unsustainable. Also, Gruden has specifically said that they won’t give him alot of touches becuase he was so injury prone in college and want to keep him healthy. He might have an okay game, but he’s not a great fantasy player to be honest.