Is there such thing as a Global Killer in FFB?

A debate arose among my league mates when I posted that losing my 1:1 pick (David Johnson) was a season-killer right out of the gate. How any times this year did someone lose DJ and still manage to win their league? I made waiver moves and tried to improve my team as best I could, but I never made it to the top. Did anyone out there manage this feat?

nope i lost edelman before the season and then lost dj week 1, managed a couple wins to start the year but down the stretch i didnt have enough fire power despite the moves i made. Just missed the playoffs due to points for because i was tied for the last spot.

Drafting Arian Foster back in the day…that’s the closest thing.

In all seriousness there isn’t just one move that could throw a wrench in your entire season. Losing DJ certainly decreases your odds of winning, as does any injury. But you can always bounce back and it’s never impossible. Again, it’s an odds game. Your odds may have went from 15% to 5%, but they are still there.

Now, you can lose so many players where your odds basically get to the point where it can be a “mathmatical impossibility” (where the odds are just super low). If you lost DJ, OBJ, Rodgers, Dalvin Cook, and had TY Hilton on your team…your odds don’t look that great. Instead of them being 25% with everyone healthy, they dropped to probably 1% when they all went out. It’s never impossible to not win no matter the line up, but its just an odds discussion.

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I’ve seen many a season where a first round pick or top tier keeper gets hurt early and someone still makes the championship.

In our league of record, Andy lost David Johnson, Aaron Rodgers, Wentz and a couple others that I can’t think of and still made it to the semi-final round. Waivers, trades and start/sit decisions will get you much much further than a strong draft.

It’s certainly a tough thing to overcome, but it can be done!


In my dynasty league I have DJ, Edelman, and Luck. I still made the championship only to lose to the Todd Gurley owner. I was really hoping to win the league with my starting QBs being Siemian, McCown, and Bortles through the regular and post season games.

I had the 1.02 in a 12 team standard redraft this year. Lost David Johnson. With a 20 acquisition limit I was still able to get that #footclantitle

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In one league, I lost Odell and Cook. The other league I lost DJ and Rogers. I finished both leagues in second place. You can overcome injuries with depth and being proactive, along with some luck thrown in!

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