Is this 1-3 team salvageable?

I just accidentally dropped Larry Fitz for a hurt Evan Engram stash.
My league of record, 10 team, half PPR
I missed on my RBs. We have continuous waiver priority and I stream many positions and I have missed out on top notch waiver pickups as a result. I have re-adjusted my waiver strategy to rectify this mistake going forward. I haven’t chosen wrong I just have an underperforming team (PF 9/10, PA only 5/10). It is hard to get a trade through in this league.

QB- Stream (current Big Ben)
RB- Breida
RB- Kerryon
WR- M. Thomas
WR- Antonio Brown
Flex- J. Landry
TE- Stream (Ebron)
DST- Stream (I am uncharacteristically rostering 2- CIN for this week and CHI for next week)

BN- Evan Engram (frustration drop of Larry Fitz. He plays MIN next week when I need him. Also, I misread timeline for Engram so I will probably drop him once waivers clear Sat and pick up someone to plug in for week 6 when MT is on bye)
BN- Sammy Watkins
BN- Jordan Howard
BN- Ajayi
BN- L. McCoy

Is this roster salvageable? None of my bench players are viable trade bait. I am not sure I can get fair value on MT/AB in this league.

100% salvageable, I don’t think I would sit your only sort of bell cow in Howard

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Mhalefit. Thank you! Howard is on bench because of his bye. I won’t bench him next week, especially versus Miami.

If a team with Antonio Brown, Michael Thomas and Jarvis Landry is not salvageable, than I don’t know what is? I would package as many of your bench players as needed and ship for a possible RB1 (maybe DJ). Including Engram.

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lmao duh haha

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fun4willis: There has literally been 0 trades in the league this year. They are all very stingy. It is quite challenging to get a trade through. The most reasonable trade offer I got was AB/MT/Howard for Gurley/Cooks/K. Cole. That was the best, most reasonable offer I have gotten. I obviously said no.

No one pulls the trigger unless they are significantly winning the trade.

Are these offers sent through your platform? (ESPN, Yahoo, etc) My best advice is to talk to league members. My best…or only trades have come from discussion.