Is this a bad trade?

The commissioner is trading his Lockett to the taco who is 1-8, receiving Julio.

I’m usually against the veto but this seems unfair as the commissioner has one of the top teams already

Straight up collusion. Lockett sucks and he’s trading Him for a top 3 WR

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yeah that’s trash, and collusion. not fair to anyone in the league. mash that veto

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Thats a bad trade… collusion for sure.

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One of the very few times I would veto a trade.

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Thanks all,

I would say “collusion” is a bit strong here. It’s a work league and I don’t think anyone is splitting the pot (half of the pot actually goes to a local charity).

I do agree with the veto but unsure how to go about it, I have voted against but it’s not certain that other members will. I may send an email to the league but I hate to be that guy…

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its tough on how to handle that as its a work league, not as easy to tell them to go f themselves on a bad trad like this.

i think you are within your rights to reach out to some others and point it out at least and let them make the decision too. some people may not even be aware that the trade was occurring and simply seeing the trade is enough for them to veto.

Collusion… I normally don’t veto any trades, but I would do it in this case. That’s just shady.

I’ve never vetoed a trade, but would this one. Had he paired a RB/WR3 or a second TE, even though that too would’ve been a bad trade, i probably wouldn’t have vetoed. But the optics of this is poor.

Excellent The League reference btw.

This guy is such a taco though lol


He just dropped Baker and another TE this week too…

and he just rejected my offer of Tate and Henry for OBJ …

damnit Taco…I’m in a cash league and this is the Taco’s roster for week 1 in that league

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He knows he’s just screwing over the league so have no sympathy for him