Is this a bad tradee?

PPR format: I’d be getting diggs, trading away deebo and nyheim hines

Currently have tyreek hill, allen robinson, ekeler, montgomery, gaskin, jacobs, pollard, patrick, beasley, jeudy

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I like this trade for you, I think you have enough RB depth that you don’t need Hines, and Diggs should return to top 12 WR form soon with greater value than Deebo.


Thank you!

That’s a great trade for you.

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I wouldn’t do it. I relied on the rankings and though aiyuk was gonna be SF No. 1 and traded away Debo. I kick myself every week seeing his production. I’d hold him.

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I get that. I had a chance early last year of M Brown or Deebo and I went Brown. Not bad but not great looking at things rn. I think Deebo has had a hot start, but I think the longer track record of Diggs is worth it and capturing value on Hines is in favor. For me this is not an Aiyuk / Deebo debate so much as it is adding someone who has shown their skill season over season.

…but I do still wish I’d gone Deebo over M Brown…