Is this a crazy idea with too many Top-WR?

Hey Experts,
luxury problem…
I have a Top-WR more than I need…
J. Jones, Adams, Thomas & Beckham.
Two in the lineup, one backup and one to trade.
Is this a crazy idea:
Try to make a trade with my direct opponent in week 16? We both have the exactly same proj. points now.
Two out of my WR for Brown (with agreat matchup @NO)?
I think he will not play more than two WR
His WRs are Brown, Hopkins, Hilton.
Good or bad idea? And when… which players to trade?
Thank you.

I have the same issue since I just traded someone for juju. now I have ab mt k allen and juju and need 3 standard. Help me plz. I wouldn’t trade anyone but obj would be the oen for me

Thank you Alex.
Good luck for the playoffs.
Anyone with an advice for me?

do you have a 2wr 1 flex league? if so I wouldnt make any trades since you are good at wr and would have to give a 2for1 of good wrs

Yes it is… but if nothing unusual happens, me and my opponent will start a RB at flex.
My idea is the following: Our direct matchup is in week 16 and both of us can start two WR.
His: Brown / Hopkins / Hilton
My: Thomas / Jones / Adams / Beckham
Now he will start Brown @NO and Hopkins @PHI.
I will start Adams @NYJ and Jones @CAR
If I could trap him with a two for one Top-WR offer
He can also start two WR chosen from
Hopkins @PHI, Thomas vs.PIT and Odell @IND
I will start than Brown @NO and Adams @NYJ
I think that trade will give me the better matchups for my WR.
anyone who can follow my thoughts? :slight_smile:

why can you still make trades is the real question?

'cause there is no deadline… :wink: