Is this a crazy trade offer

Want to offer drake, collins, kupp, ertz for Hopkins and Fournette to a guy who just lost McKinnon and Baldwin… thoughts?

So many moving pieces. I’d do that trade pretty damn quickly though. Kupp is like a WR3. Drake who I am high on is still limited by coaching. And collins who got benched for fumbling the ball one time. I don’t want to own players that are on that short of a leash, especially when I didn’t believe in the talent in the first place.

Hopkins is a bonified stud, it can’t even be denied at this point. And fournette has injury risk but when healthy, is a locked in RB1. And as far as TEs go, its Gronk or bust imo. WIthout gronk, I’m streaming cause its an absolute waste land this year. You’re trading a bunch of middle of the pack players, for 2 studs.

Personally, I would laugh at that offer if I received it but if you can swing it, by all means more power to you.