Is this a crazy trade?

I traded Alshon and Robert Woods for the 1.09 and Crabtree. Am I crazy on thinking this is fair? Please be as honest as possible. Thanks.

I would rather have what you gave up.

I don’t think this is a good trade for you. I don’t think it’s horrible, but i’d rather have Alshon and Woods. Alshon had a great end of the season and if his shoulder id right i think he’ll continue it. Hopefully for you Crabtree returns to his old form

I think the trade was pretty fair. I can see why someone would want to get out from both Alshon (injuries) and Woods (potentially less volume).

Is there someone you are targeting at 1.09?

Hopefully a Running Back but people seem to be freaking out about the Backs this year so I might just see where everybody falls and go from there.

Kerryon Johnson or Royce Freeman could be good options at 1.09, depending where they go

This is my first dynasty league so I guess I have a redraft mindset that I need to get out of.

It’s not a ridiculous trade. I think it’s kind of close, and couls certainly go your way, but gun to my head, I’d take the other side.

Keep in mind that rookie picks, especially non-top 3 1st rounders, are often very overvalued at this time of the season.