Is this a dumb move?

Thinking of dropping Abdullah for Hunter Henry. Here is where it gets dumb maybe. I already have Engram as my tight end so I would be picking up Hunter as a back up in case they bench Manning in NY which I doubt. I’m stacked at running back as I have Gurley Howard Ingram and Kamara. What do you all think? Dumb or not?

I think it is an okay move but just not necessary. Abdullah will just take up a bench spot for you, so if you like Henry better than pick him up. I have been watching this as well, if Eli gets benched, all the NYG players get downgraded.

Has your trade deadline passed? If not, do everything you can to do a 2-for-1. Then you free up a spot for Henry, and it doesn’t really even cost you anything.

Maybe Abdullah + WR2 = Better WR2 for your team?