Is this a fair deal? For zeke

I wanna grab zeke, I’m thinking Tyler Boyd and Jordan Howard?

His team is

Diggs, Tate, desean Jackson, amari cooper and Allen Robinson

Dalvin cook, zeke, Kenyan drake and Doug Martin

My team is

Obj, Devante Adams, thielen, Boyd, trequan smith, courtland sutton (only holding to see if Dt or sanders is traded.)

Hunt, Chubb, Gordon, Fournette, royce Freeman (probably dropping) Howard and jalen Richard,

You guys think that’s a fair offer? He needs a wr.

Bumpity bump

Highly doubt he’d take this Bc his rb’s are very thin after Zeke. Much more so than his wr’s are.

Any suggestions to get him that don’t kill my team?

Assuming Gordon gets back soon, which I think is likely, idk if I’d even change anything. I think it’d have to be like OBJ+Howard and that’s not sensible for your team I don’t think.

I’m just slightly worried about Gordon since hammys have been bad for Rbs this year lol

Doesn’t seem too serious for your guys Aside from Fournette ‘s season, which I also think is still alive until we hear anything else about him because of Jax struggling still with Hyde. They need him back big time. I’d wait to see on a couple things before really touching much on your team. It’s really good dude ha. Maybe wait to see what happens to Fournette’s status after next week’s bye.

I def wouldn’t drop Royce either.

I’d try Boyd and Chubb, he’s a hot commodity right now. Also, your team is stacked I hope it’s an 8 team league, otherwise it’s just not fair.

I like using Chubb like you said, but I might try Chubb+Howard actually. He doesn’t need WR’s as much as RB’s if he is gonna be without Zeke.

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That’s a good idea, sell high on both of those and keep a solid WR for bye week

10 team league lol

I like this idea

Yep, not fair. Lol

Did a lot of trading when values were really high, for Devante Adams week two for Ajayi and a reicever I don’t remember I think

Got kareem Hunt week 2 for Devonta Freeman and kerryon Johnson

Got obj and Fournette for James white and ty two weeks ago

no one with a brain would accept that offer for zeke with his rb depth. But who knows I’ve seen dumber trades go through