Is this a fair deal?

I’d trade away Ajayi and get back D. Cook & Witten.

I don’t think so but it really depends on your roster. I like Ajayi a lot this year. I think Cook is great but I don’t think he’ll have the consistency of Ajayi. Witten is a solid TE but I don’t think he alone makes up for the difference at RB.

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It’s fair. But I wouldn’t do it personally. I don’t think Witten adds any value to the deal. I’m in a 8 team league with better TE’s for free. So then I’m just looking at Ajayi vs Cook. Depending where you look, they are about the same ROS, but Ajayi is ranked higher here. He also goes against NYJ’s this week. I’d keep him.

My RBs are Hunt, Gurley, Ajayi, Carson and P. Perkins. Thanks for the input. I was leaning towards keeping Ajayi especially since I get to keep him again for an 8th round pick.

Would they consider Gurley instead of Ajayi. That might make it more of a deal you can work with if you make the basis that you think Gurley schedule is tough and has likely peaked.