Is this a fair trade? 1 vote away from a veto! Help!

Accepted trade was

Team a
Joe Mixon
Allen Robinson

Team b

I am on the recieving end of team a. What the hell is going on?

Mixon >>> Chub

But it’s not a trade that should be vetoed. Pettiness.

Can’t veto that one

Super fair.

should not be vetoed

you shouldnt even be in a league that allows this tipe of veto.
Mixon is better but chubb is an rb2 at least ros, allen robinson is injured and is way worse than doug baldwin.
Is better rb + worst wr for worst rb + better wr

Get a better commish and upgrade to commish vote!

Leagues with league veto are weak. You’re def getting the better end of the deal, but this shouldn’t be vetoed

Looks okay to me. 🖒