Is this a fair trade? Bell owner :(

I have bell in one of my teams. :frowning:

So i am in need of a decent rb but dont want to get ripped off

Someone offered me THielen and Burkhead for my tyreek hill


youre getting burkhead and thielen for hill?

Id probably do that I dont think the gap between Hill and Thielen isnt too great. I think burkhead will be a good week 1 start.

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yea im getting burkhead and theilen for HILL

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bump… any more input would be great… Hill is my wr1

Ppr aspect helps theilen over hill who got fewerr targets. Theilen is more safe than hill but won’t boom as much. Depends on the rest of your wr depth. If you have gordon Hilton Cooper as your wr2 I would want theilen if you have fitz tate or Landry I’d want hill.

As of now I have

Doug baldwin

I know I have 2 Vikings wr. because thielen kept dropping so I had to swipe him for the value. I got him in 5th round I believe

I think it’s a good trade for you. I don’t think Thielen is going to repeat what he did last year but I also don’t think he’s going to disappear.


This! I’m really low on theilen this year, he should not be that high, but getting burkhead and thielen for him makes this a no brainer to me.

I would do that trade. I think Hill takes a step back this year, and it pretty even with Theilen, and Burkhead is a good RB to have, especially in a PPR. I am not a big fan of having two WRs from the same team, and I prefer Diggs over Theilen, so you could always see about trading Theilen at some point for a WR on the same level you like better.