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Is this a fair trade offer?


In one of my leagues I got Kelce for a late steal and I’m looking at Gronk thinking of offering Kelce and Coleman for like Gronk and a bench guy… maybe up the ante a little for diggs… it’s hard for me to pull the trigger because of Gronk’s injury history.


No. I’m not sure if trade Gronk for Kelce and Coleman. Throw in Diggs and it’s out of the question.


yeah, no way would he even consider that


And @Ndorsey5 I just had Diggs on the mind when I made this post… he wasn’t supposed to be part of the offer in the post lol… I just meant gronk and basically one of his deep bench guys… I don’t think Kelce (a round ADP behind Gronk) and Coleman’s combined value is that absurdly different than just Gronk’s. Healthy Gronk obviously Trumps all… but healthy Gronk is basically an ancient legend at this point in his career. But I talked to him about gronk and he basically wont take anything less than a top 10 RB so that is that lol… I’m content with Kelce who Im not in love with but who was a ridiculous value at 56th overall.