Is this a fair trade proposal?

I have not made the offer yet and I’m not sure anyone in this league likes to accept a trade but is this a fair offer?

I give up D. Parker, David Johnson and Kenyon Drake
I get Joe Mixon and Justin Jefferson

I have
WR: Woods, Parker, Crowder, Shenault, DJ Moore
RB: Josh Jacobs, David Johnson, Kenyon Drake, Justin Jackson, Cam Akers

He has
WR: Justin Jefferson, Darius Slayton, DK metcalf
RB: Aaron Jones, Chase Edmunds, Joe Mixon, Singultary, Fournette

half ppr, redraft, 12 team league

I don’t hate the trade, I’d suggest maybe trying to include Singletary in there though for bye weeks.

Yeah as is I don’t like how many pieces you are giving up for mixon and Jefferson. I agree with the previous comment, try and get more.