Is this a fair Trade to Offer (Fournette / Mixon)

Can I get some thoughts out there on this? Trying to unload Fournette due to his perennial injury issues…

10 Team Standard League

Yeldon + Fournette


Mixon + Kelce

Is it asking too much (not enough?)… This guy has Ajayi, Henry, L. Murray, Wilkens, Burkhead…So I am thinking he might jump on a #1 RB.

Right now my TE is Jared Woods…

If you can get it, go for it. I don’t know if you can get Mixon and Kelce for that pair, though. I personally wouldn’t take it.

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I think ur asking too much - Kelce is #2 TE and Mixon should be top 12. So ur taking away 2 slots of solid points for 1 slot of maybe solid points if the jags running game can stay healthy? I would reject this trade quickly - sorry mang

Asking price too high.

I mean honestly, I don’t even know if I’d rather have Fournette over Mixon ROS. Personally probably rather have Mixon. So you’re basically getting Kelce for free.

Fournette and Yeldon basically comprise one guy.

Mixon and Kelce is quite a haul for those two.

I wouldn’t give them up for Fournette and Yeldon if I owned them.

Can you offer something else instead of Yeldon to even out this trade?