Is this a fair trade to offer?

10 team PPR. 1-2 and lowest points scored. Thinking of making a splash.

Thinking of offering my OBJ, Aaron Jones, and Golladay for Kamara and McLaurin.

I’m very RB needy. The other team (imo) is WR needy. Is this fair? Am I giving up too much? not enough? Please help.

My remaining roster: RB- Montgomery, White, T. Coleman, both KC Williams // WR - Adams, J. Brown, Gallup, Hardman,

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I would keep OBJ on my squad personally. I would figure something out and give package Adams with another piece to go after Kamara. Adams is underperforming but still has a great name. Keep Golladay. Consider trading Hardman NOW before Hill is back

Its a matter of if you want to let aaron jones go before you let the packers offense settle… Im personally an AAron Jones owner and I would like to see some more from jones like tonight but the value you get with Kamara is super high but golladay can win a week himself and OBJ surely can I would say to stay but if you feel that your players aren’t performing and WONT then you can trade him…