Is this a fair trade

They just lost McKinnon and need an rb I have bell freeman Collins and Burkhead but could use a solid wr
They would get Collins and Lockett
I would get Keenan Allen
Not trying to pull one over so I want it to be fair. Other options to give up are Kupp

That, is an insulting trade. Even If i had no RBs in a start 4 RB league, I still wouldn’t make that trade.

I wouldn’t send it. You’re trying to skin them. Maaaaybe Freeman for Allen depending on how you feel about Collins.

So in other words what Mike is saying is that you would “pull one over” if you made this trade. Allen is far more valuable than Burkhead + Lockette. If you want to improve your team, do this in a heartbeat. If you’re wanting to be a good guy or gal, then don’t.

If this offer is on the table, obviously you take it.

But sounded like OP was thinking about making this offer. Which would frankly be a joke.