Is this a fair trades

I get Michael Thomas they get Lamar Jackson and Eckler

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Depends the league format and what future Ekeler has but if single qb league with ppr or half I’d prefer the Thomas side.

I think Jackson will be a phenomenal play all season but Ekeler if he goes back to his role of last season is not a lock in lineup like Thomas would be.

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Based on what we’ve seen so far, Ekeler will have a significant role in the Charger’s offense - they look terrible and will be playing from behind more often than not. Lamar Jackson is, well, phenomenal. If you have decent WR depth, you could take that trade.

Keep in mind Drew Brees will be back at some point, probably before fantasy playoffs. With Drew Brees under center, Michael Thomas’ stock should rocket back up. So just be cognizant of the long term consequences of this trade, which is likely going to come down to your record.

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thanks for the info