Is this a good offer to get CMC in Dynasty?

I offered Michel, Sutton, and Paul Richardson in a full ppr Dynasty league.

Is that a good offer ? Too much? Too little?

Thanks !

As a CMC owner, I would turn that trade down pretty quick. He is right now a top 4 in the debate for #1 dynasty asset in a startup. You’re offering what is basically a 3rd rounder, a 7th-8th rounder and what is essentially worthless for the 1.01-1.04. Not even remotely close to enough.


CMC would have to have a bad year, then that might work. As for now, he’s almost unattainable.

Full PPR, yeah I’m keeping Run CMC in that situation. Michel is in a time share with White and they just got another rookie RB along with Burkhead that usually gets those 1-2 games a year he eats up carries. Sutton is unproven and has a mediocre QB Flacco who favors the TE. There is no value in Richardson.

Put yourself in their shoes. If you had CMC, would you accept this trade? If you answer yes to that then you are valuing Michel too high.

I’m a CMC owner and I would only even think about Saquan personally and he is the only guy I would consider at all straight up. So you think about Michel who is a walking injury and going in the 3rd, a throw away guy in Richardson, and a WR3 in Sutton for someone that no one would go crazy if you took at the 1.01. Hard pass…

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If you get CMC that is a steal! That is IMHO a pretty soft offer and I would be surprised if it is accepted.

This is way too low! Granted, I’ve seen worse. I was offered two 2020 second-round picks and a 1st, 2nd and 3rd in 2021 for CMC the other day. That was insulting!

The thing with trading for a player like CMC is nobody is going to just want to piece him out for lesser players. If your deal doesn’t at least include one arguable top 10 dynasty piece, then it’s a bad offer.

CMC just has too great production to divide it up among lesser players. Winning in fantasy is built on players like him, so to trade him you have to accept that the person with him is only going to do the deal if they feel it improves their chances of winning. Sony Michel doesn’t do that. Courtland Sutton doesn’t do that. Paul Richardson (Jeezum!) does not do that.

If you’re offering 3 players for 1 the other guy would need to have a really bad team to accept that. You’d also need to offer 3 players he could use in his starting line up imo

Are you by chance a patriot fan?