Is this a good trade for a rb weak team?

I have Gordon, Jones, Morris, and Ameer Abdullah at RB.

Traded away ajayi for Thomas

Is Dez Bryant for Chris Thompson a solid trade?

Wr: Thomas, Parker, Crabtree, Sanu.

Full point ppr

Who ever gets dez gets the way better deal

Even with dez’s Potential injury? Full PPR Thompson puts up about 17-18

He is suppose to be fine I have Thompson in mine and played him twice and had a bad week both times so I might be biased lol. You could get better then Thompson for bryant though I think try someone like kamara if you can bryant is a attractive name on a really good offence and kamara has way more upside

Unfortunately the Kamara owner is inactive. And that’s who I was looking to really target. Sucks when people don’t look on their app ever

it does I wouldn’t trade away dez for Thompson though! U could get more for him or try trading less for Thompson