Is this a good trade for my weaker team?

My current QBs are Prescott and Ryan and my WRs are jaron brown, jordy Nelson, Jarvis Landry, e sanders Pryor and funchess. Current RBs are cohen Gordon and Abdullah. Someone just offered me d parker and l Murray for Ryan. Is this a good trade?

100% do this trade, you have prescott you are good, unless its a 2 qb league.

Yea, I’d do this

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you can probably get more if that person is weak at qb. looks like he’s just throwing you his bench. i would not do this trade mainly because murray has proven himself to be bad and jay cutler has also proven himself to be bad. d parker was supposed to go off these past two games but he didn’t. he did okay in week 3, but that was because he got like 70 yds and a TD in the last 40 seconds of the game. he’s been poopin. also don’t forget that matt ryan is a TOP 5 QB