Is this a good trade offer?

I was just offered this trade, full PPR league.

Receive: Dalvin Cook, Bucs D/ST, Curtis Samuel
Give up: Christian McCaffrey and Nick Chubb

My other RBs: Ronald Jones, Chase Edmonds, Ekeler on IR and Mike Davis.

What would you do?

I would hold CMC and Chubb


Dynasty or redraft/keeper?

What are your starting lineup requirements? Are you or the trade partner contenders?

We are contenders this week yes, starting line up requirements are 2 RB’s, 2 WR’s, 1 FLEX. I’m in a redraft league as well. Not necessarily concerned with Curtis Samuel, I have good WR depth. Dalvin Cook is just super attractive with how he has been playing and then who knows the status on CMC. Chubb also has Hunt to compete with constantly.

I get your reasoning. But I feel like you’d be thin at RB after.

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This is a definite no for me. You are essentially trading CMC and Chubb for cook. CMC and cook are the same when healthy and Chubb is only a slight step down. Definite pass

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Yeah I passed on it, I think the temptation definitely lies with CMC being hurt so much this year too. But yeah I passed, gonna sit with CMC and hope for the best and hopefully Mr Chubb gets rolling!