Is this a good trade or bad?

Should I trade Chubb and E.Sanders for Melvin Gordon and Calvin Ridley?

I have Chubb so I’m biased but I don’t see the upside for you on this trade. Chubb has a solid floor and a crazy ceiling. We don’t know enough about Gordon coming back and Ridley and Sanders seem even. I’d rather stick with Chubb over Gordon.

You also have to figure in Kareem Hunt return for Chubb. Its possible Chubb loses a lot of volume just in time for the playoffs, I have chubb as well. I think thats a decent trade. If Gordon hadn’t held out he probably would have been drafted before Chubb in almost every league.

No don’t do that trade IMO

This is true for sure, I guess I see it as Ekeler and Gordon split now for rest of season while I don’t see Hunt coming in to split carries until week 10 and even then it’s probably not going to be immediate.