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Is this a good trade? Would you do it?

Ok so i’m in a 2 keeper league and i am keeping miles sanders for a 5th round pick and The wallerus for a 7-9 depending on ADP when our draft happens. I have the 6th pick in the draft overall and someone is offering me my first round pick for their first round pick (10th position) and Austin Ekeler. Does this seem worth? At a glance it seems like i’m getting a steal but i’m unsure please send help!

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Would you keep Eckler over Waller? If not then it’s not worth it

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Id be making that trade for sure.


What round is Ekeler kept at?

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Ekeler would be kept for a 7th round pick so basically i guess im asking if i take the trade would i should i keep ekeler over sanders? I think the value of waller for a 9th round pick is just too much to pass up.

I would take the trade and keep Eckler and Sanders and throw Waller back into the draft.

You can get two potential RB1s for a 5th and 7th. That seems like a no brainer to me. I’m not a big fan of Eckler but that’s good value. You can still get a respectable TE but you are only starting one TE every week and at least 2-3 maybe four (format depending) RBs or WRs every week.


Is this league TE premium?

If you make the trade I would suggest keeping Miles Sanders and Austin Ekeler. Both have an ADP in the top three rounds. Whereas Waller’s ADP is in the late 6th, early 7th.

I would make the trade back 5 spots to get a much better keeper.

I would make the trade. I like Waller, but TE is deeper and I am not sure if he is a locked and loaded top 5 TE yet. Ekeler should be top 15 at worst if he stays healthy.

Take the trade…Keep the 2 Rb’s for sure

I agree with them. Definitely make the trade and keep Sanders in the 5th and Ekeler in the 7th. I would suggest going RB WR or WR RB with your 1st 2 picks and then get Kelce or Kittle with your 3rd

I like the trade. Ekeler and Miles can be a great RB1&2.