Is this a good trade

I’m doing really well and loaded at running back: Hunt, gurley, Martin, freeman, kamura. Have also gronk and AJ green. Should I offer gurley for Julio? My other receivers are fitz, Tate and Crabtree so good but not great.

is this a 2 person league? what the heck happened… sounds like you want to solidify your roster. hmm, yeah I don’t see why not, but I’d try to add others into the trade since gurley is doing so well and seems like you are the strong team. who do you have as your qb?? maybe try to solidify that position with rodgers or brady?

I’d offer Freeman instead. I don’t want two pieces of that offense this year, and I don’t think what you’re seeing from Gurley is a fluke. He’s really that talented and is finally in a functional offense with actual NFL players and coaches around him.

Do you think Freeman for Julio is enough?

I think so, but you aren’t trading with me. Won’t know until you ask.