Is this a good tradee?

I already have Matt Ryan.

I would trade: Goff, Lamar Miller, Mike Williams or Isiah Crowell

For: Matt Stafford, Kenny Golladay, Ajayi

Why do you want another QB if you already have matt Ryan and Jared goff.

Honestly, i don’t know what this trade accomplishes. I guess you win slightly cause you get an every week starter in Kenny G and matchup based play in Ajayi and you give up a fringe WR3 in Williams and a useless RB in Crowell.

It’s just a wash trade. You should just cut stafford out of the deal and just structure it so you get Kenny G with less pieces. Maybe like Miller + Williams for Golladay. Or even just Goff for Golladay.

Is Goff for Golladay a good trade? I fell like I need more in return

Golladay is a WR2 to me ROS. If I have matt ryan, I’m fine with giving up goff for Golladay. Put another way, if I had golladay, I wouldn’t give him up for goff. In single QB leagues, i want skilled over QBs.

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