Is this a MESS or what?!

Wasn’t the craziest about my drafted team, but wasn’t horribly upset by it either. Felt it was at least decent enough to work with. DRAFT was really, really tough. 9th pick. 10 team - PPR.

Have already made a couple of DROP/ADDS. But here’s my current roster. WTH would you do with it if it was yours???:

QB - Wilson, Goff
RB - Chubb, C Carson, C Thompson, D Mont, Justin Jackson
WR - Tyreek, B Cooks, D Jax, C Kirk, McLaurin
TE - OJ, Andrews
DST - Buf
K - Fairbairn

Thanks bunches for any and all imput!!! :smirk:

PS: forgot to add that I went 0-1 last week (a big fat whopping 81 pts)…now got 0 from OJ last night. So not looking good for this week either!!!

If it were my team

QB Goff
RB Chubb, Carson
WR cooks, djax
Flex mclaurin or montogomery
TE andrews but Howard has already played so I don’t think you could start andrews

@Steuck2488…THANKS A MIL for your imput buddy!!! Pretty much what I got at this point except…Russel in for QB and C Thompson in FLEX.

AWESOME!!! :handshake:

Yes Goff will be in a shootout against the saints, flex is the hardest bout your roster if I had to choose one I like mclaurin because they may be down against the cowboys

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@Steuck2488…appreciate your thoughts tons!!! That’s what I love most about the COMMUNITY/CLAN here. Tons of feedback with lots of different thought processes!!!

No problem glad to try to help

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