Is this a playoff caliber team?

There are 6 teams that make the playoffs in my 12 team league and it is a very competitive league, pretty much everyone listens to this show and puts work in. I have scrapped and clawed through injuries to land at the 5 seed before this week, but am going to lose to the last place team this week. My question is if you think this is a playoff caliber team as is cuz after this week I will be on the outside looking in?

Qb: Rivers
Rb: Mixon, Fournette, D. Cook, C. Thompson, J. Richard, R. Freeman
Wr: A. Brown, G. Tate, J. Brown, C. Sutton
Te: Njoku, Doyle

with fournette and cook coming back i expect you to get a nice boost. I think you have a good shot


Thanks! I hope so, because with everyone healthy I think I can make some noise, but first I have to make the playoffs, and I have put myself in a hole there.

To hold your own from here on out I think you need to trade your some of your RB depth for a better WR2 than Tate. Otherwise, the team looks good.


I wish I could. Trade deadline was yesterday, I tried, but couldn’t get any deal that was fair on my end. Nobody trusted health of Fournette or Cook enough to get fair value. Now it is too late.

Trying to stay active on waiver wire for breakout guy.

I believe in your team, I am about to lose to the last place team in my league this week as well. Just remember it’s process > results, it’ll average out for us over the long haul.

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Look for guys like anthony miller and josh reynolds on the waiver. (Cooper kupp season is probably over)

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It definitely is. Esp if you can trade up at WR one last time. Maybe look at Diggs in a buy low attempt

Trade deadline was yesterdsy

Well it wouldn’t be a necessity anyway. But one thing you can do other than keep an eye out for big drops by other teams who are making desperate moves is to goad teams into dropping someone you want by dropping something you have that they would really want. Obviously you’ll have to look through their rosters and respective situations / priorities and all that but all it takes is one so you never know

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Someone might drop like josh Gordon or Landry or amari or Jeffery or somethjng in a frenzy to win at all costs

Looks like a good team.

I don’t know if it’s a league winner but you should be able to get in and do some damage and maybe knock someone off with Cook and LF coming back. You are weak at WR2 right now until Tate gets the new offense figured out. Try to snag Josh Reynolds or another top waiver option this week to go along with the rest of your receivers.

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Thanks everyone! Appreciate the advice and encouragement. Gonna look to pick Miller or Reynolds this week.