Is this a reach?

DK Metcalf @ 3.01 in dynasty startup?

I like him more than Sutton and Golladay. Better QB. He’s not the top target in the offense yet, but I think he will be soon.

I’m would only get DK if i got Julio or AJ Brown @ 2.12

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who you taking at 1.01?? Saquan or CMC!!!

on 3.01 - i think DK is a reach, but i think Golladay in a tier above Sutton and DK in a tier below him. talent is there and great QB (you should have low conviction he can support 2 top WRs), but the opportunity isn’t there for him this year or likely next the same way it is for the other 2.

also, looking at who might be there at 4.12/5.01, might not be a bad idea to grab another RB at 3.01 if you get a WR you are very happy with at 2.12.

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I took CMC and not looking back lol

Okay thanks for the input! I actually have just traded my 3.01 for the 5.02 in the veteran draft, the 2.11 in the rookie draft, and a 2021 1st round pick. I am in trade discussions with the owner of the 3.09 vet pick right now hoping to move up again since I have picks 4.12, 5.1, and 5.2 now.

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Not sure I am following all your picks, but I can talk about DK @ 3.01. I would not. I would pass on Julio and take AJB at the 2.12 if possible. Not sure who else is there, but between those two I’d go AJB for youth in dynasty.

FWIW, I think Sutton though a bit older is just as good and in a better situation than AJB. Not sure I would take him there, again with the youth bump, but I would take Sutton over DK without question.

I do like getting another RB before you end the 3rd assuming someone is there, but then going hard at WR. Dynasty is a tough road for RB. Young WR will help much longer (talking in a vacuum here) and you can likely grab playable RB over the years / off the wire.

To the picks, seems like you are really going for it. I like active drafts and it seems you are in one. Enjoy that! I hope any of this helps.