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Is this a ridiculous trade offer?


Mike Evans for Alshon Jeffrey, Kerwyn Williams and Chris Carson?
I am trying to urge everyone in my league to veto this trade.
Am I crazy? Is this a fair trade? To me it feels like our Commish is taking advantage of inexperienced G.Ms

Thanks FootClan!



It’s a classic one-for-many trade. I don’t think it’s that bad. I typically don’t like it much though. But it’s not blatantly tilted. I wouldn’t veto. Let it ride.


I don’t really think it’s to terrible. Jeffery a walking injury and Carson unproven. And I don’t think kerwynn will be more than a flex and could lose that job completely


Thats is my argument I feel like the guy giving up Mike Evans is on the loosing side here.


Ya it’s not a terrible trade buy I wouldn’t do that if I owned evans. Maybe he needs depth


It’s not up to you or other teams to decide what’s fair or not. In my league one guy traded Cooks for Cam day before the season started. Everyone “knew” that the guy getting Cooks was getting a steal. But so far it hasn’t helped or hurt anyone yet. If the two teams agreed to it, let it ride. Is the guy giving up Evans hurting at RB? Why not take a slight downgrade at WR and take a chance on the guy that just got 20 touches for Seattle plus another back that may or may not pan out.

Bottom line, only veto if there’s collusion.


I agree 100 percent. If people make bad trades as long as they are legit…thats the game