Is this a sell high for Conner?

Someone just offered me kerryon and Robert Woods for Conner. I think I should hit accept quickly what you think ?

I would take that. Pitt offense is not going to be as productive as it was yesterday. Kerryon getting a lot of work and woods should be better than he has been lately. I think Kerryon and Connor are pretty comparable so you are basically adding woods for free.

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really depends on your team needs but I like the trade. He selling high on Woods who has otherwise has not produced weeks 1-3. * Kerryon is on bye this week dont forget that

Was offered mike Evans for Conner straight up ? My other RBs are gurley and bell

depends on other receivers but both are good offers.

Other receivers are Keenan Allen and diggs

personal preference at this point. Evans is a beast but will be somewhat up and down. Woods obviously not nearly as good but you basically get him for free and can possibly trade him somewhere else. Evans is the highest ceiling by a long shot though. Who else do you have at RB besides gurley and LB

That’s it. I got Cohen. I get to keep samuels and they said conner has ankle injurt

i would say I would take the deal.

help with mine plz

I think Carson is fine. Carroll loves him. It’s gona take an injury to lose him

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if that is all you have I would be hesitant to not get a rb in return. but Evans could be a top 5 wr so hard to turn that down. RBs are scarce this year tho so I would be careful depleting your roster. if you are forsure taking one offer I would personally lean the first just because you get an RB

Take the KJ trade IMHO. Even RB swap and a high upside WR seems like the winning move.

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