Is this a trade you would have made?

I am 1-5 in a rather cheap league but it is with a group of friends that all are close and it is always good competition. I was hurt with injuries early and made a trade to correct that by getting cook a couple of weeks ago… only for him to get hurt the very week I got him.

I have traded Lamar Miller and Jerrick Mckinnon for Zeke, James White and Funches…

My lineup will now be…

QB Mariota/Tyrod Taylor
RB Zeke
RB Demarco Murray
WR Baldwin
WR Crabtree
FLEX Tevin Coleman
TE Walker

I would play white in match ups I like and I have Derrick Henry.

I am thinking if I can win 2 games in a row with zeke and then he gets suspended I may have the chance to sell him to a team that would think they are going to make the playoffs and if he does not get suspended I just made out with a great deal. Remember I am 1 and 5… I just need to win week to week and give my self a chance at a game bellow 500 because I have scored the 3rd most points in the league.