Is this a voteable trade?

In my league I got a trade done last night just before the trade deadline.

I sent
Michael Thomas (WR 9)
TY Hilton (WR 11)
Robby Anderson (WR 15)
Alfred Morris (RB 82)

I recieved
Julio Jones (WR 17)
Jordan Howard (RB 14)
Davante Parker (WR 53)

As commissioner of the league I put the trade through, as I’ve done with every trade this year so we don’t have to wait the two days and we can do waiver with our current rosters. Now the league thinks the trade is unfair in my favor (receiving Julio Jones side) and thinks they should be able to veto. Julio has great upside, but Anderson, Hilton and Thomas have all rank ahead of him through this point in the season. J. Howard is also the RB 14 in our league at this point in the year.

Definitely fair enough… not vetoable

On the surface, just looking at the players involved, no veto.

Is there anything else we should know about the trade? Is one team playoff bound and the other in the basement?

My team (receiving Julio) is 6-4 tied for division lead. The other team is 4-6 one game out of playoff contention, but arguable has the best team in the league. Russell Wilson, Alvin Kamara, Lev Bell, Lamar Miller, Crabtree, Zach Ertz

The thing about vetoes is that they really should not be used because you don’t like a trade from someone else. The main point of a veto is to prevent collusion between managers and to prevent purely ridiculous deals that make the rest of the league unfair to play in, not just because you think a team benefits more.

I will say that you definitely received a good trade and are in prime position for the playoffs because of this, but the rest of your league thinks this is unfair. The thing is that as long as both trade parties agree on the trade and think that it is even and fair enough, it does not really matter what the rest of the league thinks. Now if you were trading him Nathan Peterman and Dalvin Cook, that would be one thing, but if he thinks that what he is getting is worth than your league shouldn’t really have a say.

I mean it is no disgusting Chris Paul deal, but if both teams feel like they are benefiting evenly then it’s completely fine