Is this an all time fantasy football first?

Sorry for the hyperbole in the title haha.

But, this is why I love fantasy football and have so much fun with it. It can be so engaging even when games arent happening during the middle of the week.

My starting Roster last week:

Big Ben
John Brown
Keke Coutee
James Conner
Chris Carson
Njokou (flex)
Green Bay DST.

My Starting roster this week:

Keenan Allen
Tyler Boyd
Josh Gordon
Mark Ingram
Chris Thompson (???)
John Brown (flex)
Arizona DST (yuck)

If you count roster position swaps, due to byes, trades, and WW pickups…
I am starting a 100% different roster than last week.

I traded Gronk, Keelan Cole, and Chris Carson for Keenan Allen. (I think Allen is in for a big 2nd half and I can live with njokou with the increased usage).
I then turned around and traded Stephon Diggs for Tyler Boyd and Josh Gordon. It was a question of Diggs and John Brown or Boyd and Gordon ROS, and I opted for Gordon and Boyd.

Both of these trades are debatable, I think both are very even. I sacrifed depth to upgrade starters. I know 2-for-1 deals usually the person getting the 1 player, but I still like the deal I made.

I love having a juggernaut as much as the next guy, but my team this year has not been great (3-3 so far, Lev Bell owner), and because it hasnt been great, there have been a ton of moves to be made, and making moves is what makes fantasy football great. Anyway, I just thought it was cool and interesting.