Is this an even trade? Been on my mind all day

10 team 0.5 PPR 1QB/2RB/3WR/TE/FLEX (RB/WR/TE)

I always roll with 3 RB (one in the flex), my current RBs are a beauty, with Gurley + Conner + Howard. However, if Bell returns soon I had Lamar Miller replacing Conner’s roll. However, I am hurting at WR as Doug Baldwin went down and this is a 3WR league.

This is the trade offer:

** I give** Lamar Miller + Trey Burton

** I get** Josh Gordon + Peyton Barber

IF Bell does come back week 3, who would I replace to take over the Miller row in the flex? Do you think this is a fair trade? Just listened to today’s podcast and Gordon is a start of the week and I am playing a strong player this week. What do you guys think of this value? I also have Gronk at TE so I’m not afraid to lose Trey Doo Doo, i was holding on to him for him to turn into Trey Boom Boom to sell. THANKS footclan.

My team: QB: TB12

RB: Gurley

RB: Conner

RB: Howard

RB: Kerryon Johnson

RB: Tevin Coleman

RB: Matt Breida

WR: TY Hilton

WR: Doug Baldwin

WR: Crabtree

WR: Quincy Enuwa

TE: Gronkowski

TE: Burton

i would do that, dont like lamar at all, especially with another oline injury, and being that you have gronk i think its fine. if ya want to get real crazy, i would try and trade gronk for a bigger haul and keep burton.

What’s the Texan’s injury at Oline?

I am feeling Lamar Miller as a dominant bell cow, also unsure of Josh Gordon’s usage

rt out for the year, he is the bell cow but i don’t trust him. i would be fine doing either, taking or not taking but i think its a good trade. and gordon is going to be used a lot as the season ramps up.

I’m passing on the trade. Gordon isn’t as much of a lock for WR1 as people think. Landry is the top target in that offense. ANd Tyrod honestly looks awful trying to throw down the field. He’s probably still limited.

Lamar Miller, is a lead back for houston. Burton also had a horrible week last week but is not going up against seahawks D which gave up 100 yards and a TD to will Dissly.

Hold on the week. Buccs are not a good team. Barber is weekly fantasy starter. Despite what happened, that team is not good. Their defense, is awful. They will get blown out this year to the point where Barber will get phased out of the game. You’re in a much better situation now where if conner drops, you can start miller in the flex. If anything, try and trade Conner to get a top end receiver and play Howard/gurley as the 2 main and miller as a flex is more than fine.

Miller is not sexy, hes’ not flashy, he’s not even that talented. But he has zero competition for a watson led offense. He provides much more value to you as a starter than he ever will as a trader because of the common misconception above. He’s a value player, not a max value trading piece. COnner on the other hand is at all time high and you can probably get RB1 value trade for him. Do that and lock down a top receiver. It’s well worth it.

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I have tried to shop Conner to every league member, and the best offer I could get was Brandin Cooks + Barber (same guy I was going to trade the above mentioned trade). Looks like I am going to ride conner till the end.

Do you worry about the return of D’Onta Foreman?


I am not afraid about losing Burton because I have Gronk

I understand it’s not about losing burton. But you should get value for him. I also owned BUrton + Gronk. But I got value. I traded Burton in a combo to acquire Sam Darnold. Its a superflex keeper league. So I can keep him 5 years max for a cost of only 13th round pick next year. Just cause you have gronk doesn’t mean you give him away for free.

Take this trade. I watched the Oakland Rams game and learned this: Brandin Cooks, is going to be a WR1. Probably mid tier possibly higher. The way they were using him all over the field was insane. He drew 2 PIs and Goff missed him on an open 50-60 yard TD. Those are going to connect eventually. This is the cheapest you will be able to get him. I would take that trade pretty damn quick man. He is way better than Josh Gordon.

Lol no. That was some dreamer narrative. First of all, Foreman wasn’t even that good last year. He blew up for one game and then got injured so that’s what people remember but throughout the year, he wasn’t effective running the ball at all. And he def wasn’t used as a pass catcher. Second of all, he tore his Achilles. Running backs, don’t come back from that type of injury. Look at what happened to Arian Foster. Best running back in the league to non-existent. I can’t think of a single RB in the history of the NFL to come back from an Achilles injury and still be relevant. People who drafted and are holding onto Foreman are grasping at air. Lamar Miller was one of the steal of this years drafts. Him and AJayi. Both solid RB2s with potential RB1 upside. Miller last year with Watson finished like RB8 in those weeks.