Is this an Upgrade ROS

Luckily 6-0. I know if it aint broke don’t fix it but if I can get Julio for Thielen, should I do it? Thielen leads WRs in fantasy points, targets, receptions, and yards.

A lot of ROS rankings have Julio way ahead. I been stacking with Thielen and Counsins but in week 10, Counsins and Thielen are on bye. I’d be left with Sammy as my WR1.

Even though 6-0, always looking to improve.

Sit tight or pitch it to the JJ owner?

i’d keep thielen… The guy is being magic right now and julio is just soooo frustating to have in your line up. Trust me, i have jj and is the worst feeling seeing your WR with almost 800 yards so far and 0 touchdowns after over 1/3 of the season. He could have unreal numbers if the ball was thrown to him on the endzone, but is hard to keep waitin for things to just happen after 6 games

It’s PPR so JJ is not that far behind Thielen. If he maintains targets/receptions and gets a TD or 2, he’d be her the top. Almost every ROS ranking I read has JJ way above Thielen. I guess Thielen is the Rodney Dangerfield of WRs.