Is this bad manners?

So im up 54 with my cam vrs his MT (bless fairbarn and dhop) and earlier in the year he sat a someone I forget who when he was up by 15. I wasnt going to win anyway so I didn’t care. Should I pick up taysom hill and play him?

Do it if you have somebody droppable

If you really want to rub salt on the wound, bench cam.

I don’t understand the goal of playing Taysom Hill. Don’t you want to put up the most points possible?

I just want to troll him with taysom

Lol I like the Taysom Troll…if you can afford to drop someone, do it. Especially if he did it to you earlier in the season.

If he did it to you earlier in the season then it’s not bad manners imo

I just feel like putting up the most points possible is a better troll. To each, their own!

For me, that roster spot consumed with Hill should be a player or DEF to help win the :ship: next week.