Is this bad?

Through 3 weeks, my defense and kicker have combined for a total of 10 points. -9 and 9, 6 and 4, 0 and 0 this week.

Anyone else have as bad luck as this through the first 3 weeks?

Yes. It happens with Def/K’s. I had Zuerlein and Minnesota. Minnesota had a great Week 1. Week 2, Z got injured and scored zero, Minnesota scored like 4. Min scored only 6 this week in my league. I think they’ll turn it around though.

Who do you own? It sounds like you might need to make a change unless you’re just getting unlucky as hell.

It sounds like neither of them are ones you need to hold on to because of their “potential” or anything like that with those 3 score lines. But I’d be curious to hear who we’re talking about here

Saints D the first week. Titans last. Packers this week. I stream defenses all the time. Packers D this week was more of a hold for next week against the Bills (not looking smart now) Didn’t think Washington would put that many on the board in the rain.

And picked up Bailey who put up the 0 this week.

That sounds about right. Yeah, GB was never going to be an actively good play this week, so 0 is not unexpected. Bailey was just unlucky and will bounce back quickly. GB next week against the Bills is no lock, apparently. GB is never really more than an average play at defense, at the very best. I feel like you could stream better than you have been streaming on Defense (and not trying to be rude at all haha - just giving an honest assessment).

If you’re streaming you’ve just gotta use any info you have to hypothesize what kind of game it’s going to be. For me, I wouldn’t have loved Bailey against the Bills (I like Bailey for the season just bc he’s on the Vikings, don’t get me wrong) because I would’ve guessed the Vikings would just be bombing TD’s all day long and punching it in to finish drives rather than ever needing to settle for FG’s.

This game wasn’t really even the defenses fault. They did a pretty damn good job keeping the score within reach for the offense whenever the offense would showcase another blunder and give the Bills good field position.