Is this collusion or not?

Person A in my league, who is Married to Person B in my league, initiated a trade with Person B.

Person A offers- Goedert
Person B offers- Jonnu

Wasn’t “accepted” by person B until after the Goedert injury occurred on Sunday. So Person B accepted an injured player for the #2 TE in Football.

Is this worthy of bringing up as collusion? This isn’t the first collusion issue I have had with this person. Would it be better to just shut up and leave the league when I get a chance? This seemed super suspicious considering the team that initiated the trade was Goedert, and the team that accepted (Jonnu owner) accepted after the injury.


Even before the Injury that’s not a great trade. I smell collusion

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As commish of two leagues I’d want you to point it out to me. You want your league as competitive as possible and if this is an issue that’s happened before maybe suggest to your commish about voting on the trade (which I’m not a fan of). Bring it to attention of the league at least, let other people chime in. If it’s not an issue by majority, maybe start looking for another league

I have previously had issues with this person (they tried trading Diontae for MT and it was vetoed by the commish, the person trying to trade then threw a fit and yelled at me), so bringing it up to the league may seem like I am biased against this person, right

I’d bring it up. There’s signs that they are trying to stack a team up. Especially once they get upset they can’t get what they want. The commish needs to shut that down.


It isn’t bias, if this person continually tries to unfairly get elite players for little to no cost.

The league should be competitive for all team owners. It becomes no fun when one team owner continually stacks their team to “buy” championships.

I play in a league with my wife and I love crushing her when we play.

Yea… you add in all the factors of being married then what the trade is… sounds fishy