Is this collusion?

Team A gets: Seattle DST
Team B gets: Joe Flacco

I’m a disciple of the “don’t veto unless it’s collusion” rule, but I see no reason why the parties would make this trade. Team A has Baltimore DST, Team B has Tom Brady. Am I missing something?

Just to clarify, I am not involved in this trade. Trying to decide whether to vote to veto.

Looks legit to me, what kind of league is this?

Redraft, non-ppr. Alarm bells went because SEA is Team B’s only DST, there’s not a bye involved yet, and the league is not very active in trades (5-8 per year, total).

looks like collusion to me. Or a really dumb owner.

I don’t know if the payoff is big enough for collusion. Looks like a couple of dumb owners to me.

I just don’t think it’s collusion if neither team is getting anything elite

I wouldn’t draft or start either this season. I’d let it through…

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