Is this COLLUSION?!?

So I’m in a friend league 8 man .5PPR league with no money but plenty of pride and bragging rights at stake.

The commissioner (2-5) has traded Duke Johnson and Engram to the leader (6-1) for zack Ertz!!

Already we were suspicious but it transpires that engram will be swapped back for ertz in week 12 in time for the playoffs (which the leader is essentially guaranteed as he realistically only needs 1-2 more wins)

We’ve never had this type do trade in the league before. Should we be up in arms or is this just a clever play that works well (ish) for both teams

We’re worried it opened gates for people lending other teams players to beat certain opposition players which would be obvious collusion.

Thoughts? Are we all overreacting?

Trading to then swap back is collusion imo. I’d be just as mad if this happened in my league!


So it turns out waiver wire picks were involved which wasn’t explained to the league but the loan situation makes this not sit well with me either.

So is the one absorbing Ertz using a waiver claim on a scrub to bury his waiver claim “pecking order” or are you able to trade waiver claims ? I don’t get it.

We reset waivers each week so team losing ertz is getting a 3rd priority pick for any player on his team he wants to drop.

I think that’s kosher. Also, someone must be a giants fan wanting Ingram over the set it and forget it Ertz. I have Ertz and NO WAY would I be giving him up for that trade. He literally won me this week.

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