Is this deal fair?

Full PPR Dynasty 10 Team

Team 1 receives

  • Travis Kelce
  • Denzel Mims
  • Michael Pittman
  • Justin Jackson

Team 2 receives

  • Mark Ingram OR Chris Carson
  • Evan Engram
  • Jerry Jeudy
  • Jonnu Smith

If your asking if this would be veto’d or the trade undone, the answer is no. Always no. However, Team 2 is clearly a winner as the trade is lopsided in their favour.

*Carson(25) is worth more than Ingram(30) due to age. *

All that said, I could see situations where this trade would benefit both sides. Team 1 should be a rebuild to accept such an offer. Whereas I would expect Team 2 to be a contender. I will say that it would be strange for a contender to deal Kelce as this time.


What would it take to make it more fair?

Hard for me to say as I don’t know your league, the players on team 1/2 or the team needs.

Just removing a player from one side or the other based on information provided is not likely suitable.

Can you comment on what players your going after and the motivation behind the trade?