Is this diabolical?!

My opponent had Connor go down but got backup Samuels, Gordon seems to be out again this week so I went and grabbed Justin Jackson last night! He also has Bilal Powell who’s ALSO DNP and his only
One left was Yeldon who he left on the bench!!!
I don’t need a RB because I have Kamara ,Gus Bus, Josh Adams , spencer Ware , Justin Jackson, Mike Davis, So I’m stacked there, but I took him just to make sure he didn’t!! Smart move?


This is a great move! good fantasy players will realize they can block the opp and it normally rewards them. very smart move


Id do that in a heartbeat. It’s their fault for not staying on top of news, roster moves. Good job!

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He’s also my biggest rival ! We faced off week 1 and I beat him 156-153 and from then on back and forth on the SMACK TALK! Now I have the advantage lol

Have to do this stuff. I used a waiver on Sutton and don’t even need him. This was before he was the WR1. It was a paranoid move that now looks like a genius block but it really wasn’t. I could still lose of couse but it won’t be because Sutton blows up.