Is this Fair Trade?

Im trading Gurley and CHark for DJ Moore and HUNT (i am Chubb owner)

Who is your RB two? I like the trade unless you’re weak at running back

Chubb, swift, kerryon, dobbins, c.thompson

I’d stand pat. Gurley (bad knee and all) is probably > Hunt and Chark almost ~ Moore IMO.

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I’m standing pat. I think the value is actually probably pretty fair if your in a PPR or half PPR but I don’t like owning the whole Browns backfield. Do you project them to be high scoring? They’ll both have stand alone value but unless the team is high scoring I feel like you cap your weekly upside or your left with Hunt as a handcuff. Not a bad trade overall in my eyes. I just feel like owning Chubb and Hunt could be frustrating for start sit decisions even though chubb will be an every week start.

Yea I played that game a few years ago with the Pats backfield. Hated every minute of it